Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use custom isometric sprites?

Yes. If you are looking for custom sprites Kenney has published tons of public domain assets and been a great support for the indie community.

Which target platforms can I use with this asset?

As far as we have tested all of Unity's target platforms are compatible.
However the target platform must support GPU instancing (i.e.WebGL 2.0, OpenGL es 3.0+ or DirectX 11+). To read more on this have a look at the Instancing section.

How many sprites can I use in a scene?

We unfortunately cannot give a reasonable answer here, because this depends on many other factors.
We have tested more than 1000 sprites on mid-tier mobile devices, as well as more than 10,000 sprites on desktops.

Can I combine 3d objects with 2d sprites in my scene?

Unfortunately not. You would most definitely experience sorting artifacts in your scene.

Any unanswered questions left? Feel free to contact us via email 📧.